7 - 9 Sept 2018

Mellow Farm

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Cafe Chameleon

Cafe Chameleon will be offering tasty wholesome, locally souced organic and fairetrade food throughout the weekend.

Run by Claire King and Frank Gilbert they’ve been serving up tasty treats at a multitude of festivals through the years including WOMAD, Two thousand trees, The Big Green Gathering and many more, so they have a long list of very satisfied customers.

We’re very blessed to have them coming along to HangOut and we’d encourage as many people as possible to try them out over the weekend, the food will be good, is ethical and will be reasonably priced as well.

Check out their website at and if you have an event that requires catering please do give Cafe Chameleon a call, they’ll be pleased to talk through any requests as well as work with you on a menu that suits you and your guests.